Three Crosses Plaza

Three crosses stand tall and bright along Interstate 75. To some, they are an “eyesore,” three towers that “ruin the landscape of our city.” To some, they are offensive and even unbearable to look at. And yet for those that live and breathe by the cross, we have found that it is the very power of God. For some of us, this brutal execution instrument – this controversial symbol that we’ve put in plain view – actually represents hope, freedom, and abundant life.

We believe Jesus is the hope of humanity, and as His church, we live to make His name known in our city and around the world. We are people of the cross. We will never get over the cross, and we will never stop telling the story – His story, our story, and the greatest story of all.

We invite you to experience this story by taking a walk around the base of the three crosses and retracing the footsteps Jesus walked in His death, burial and resurrection. We believe that He will meet you there.

The Plaza is open every day of the year and brochures are available on the sign at the entrance to help guide you through the steps.


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