The CORE Values are embodied in our Vision Statement…


We believe that the church should increase in spiritual maturity, in fruitful relationships, and in numbers.

We see people building people. We see a community of disciples launched into serving the kingdom of God that transforms our world for Jesus Christ. We see people that are committed to growth- personally, relationally, and corporately. We see people growing in influence in every realm of life.

We see people growing in spirit. We see people waking up to who they are in Christ and what they are called to be a part of in His kingdom. We see people coming to faith in Christ in authentic salvation and living in joy, peace, and hope. We see people becoming strong and confident in trusting God. We see people discovering their futures and living out their dreams of success for God’s glory. No matter where people are in their faith journey, we are committed to helping people grow in their relationship with Christ. We see people reading the Bible daily and systematically and growing in the knowledge of God and in faith in God. We see people allowing the truth of God’s word to set us free time and time again. We see a church of people that are ever-increasing their capacity to lead the world. We see people that are never done growing and going to where God leads. We see a church that champions the saints and propels people into their glorious future.

We see people growing relationally. We see a family that shares a bond stronger than our bloodline. We see a church that is growing smaller in group gatherings as we grow larger as a church body. We see people that share life together by meeting in homes and studying the Word of God together. We see people that protect their community by honoring and encouraging one another. We are a fight club that supports and prays for one another, a community that is interested in bringing out the best in one another. We see people that lay down their lives for their brothers and sisters, a church that is unified in heart, soul, and purpose.

We see a group of people growing numerically. We see a church that is committed to making room and increasing our capacity to love new and different people. We see a church that is inclusive in nature, always anticipating new faces and eager to practice hospitality to new people in our community. We see a church that takes in the orphan and the widow and brings them into the family of God. We see people that allow people to belong before they believe, a church that welcomes home the sinner and lavishes love on the one that has finally found a home.


We believe that God has called his church to be lead, and leading looks a lot like serving. Whether it is at a weekend service or in our communities, we want to be known as people who give all they can to all they can.

We see people serving as one church in multiple locations. We see people being generous givers of their time, skills, & finances for God’s work. We see people being proactive in service to others and living their fullest lives for the cause of Christ. We believe that God honors those that are faithful to work hard with pure hearts and we believe that all real leaders are servant leaders. We see people that work like it depends on us and prays like it depends on God. We see a church that fulfills its purpose through teams of gifted leaders. We see ministry teams that understand their value and worth, teams that are excited about the work of the Lord. We see a church that isn’t built around a preacher, but around the power in our pack. We see teams of people that put their heart and soul into every detail of what we do on Sundays- from the parking lot experience to the altar call. We see a church that goes all out because our heart is for people and what we do is eternal. We see willing people ready to serve to see His Kingdom come. We see people serving their families, their church, and their communities. We see a church that hears the cries of the broken and responds to the needs around us- a church that says “yes” to being the hands and feet of Jesus in our world. We see a church that brings healing to our city and to our world, a church that shows Chattanooga and the nations that love is real, and hope is here.


We believe that prayer is as essential as breathing. Jesus said that his Father’s house is to be a “house of prayer.” If we are anything at all we are a people of prayer.

We see people that are strong in prayer and worship. We see a gathering of people that invite heaven to invade our meetings. We see our worship being a unique voice in the Chattanooga area that is attractive to people that desire the Holy Spirit. We hear a worship sound that is celebratory and prophetic. We see Heaven bending down to change Earth to heal the hearts of people. We see people that are free to celebrate who God is, a church that shows up to shout the name of Jesus. We see a church with an atmosphere where worship comes easy because the hearts of people are prepared and ready to experience Jesus. We see altars flooded with repentant hearts longing for renewal and restoration with God. We see people becoming consistent in their prayer life and growing in faith’s expectancy of God’s willingness to answer prayer. We see people being filled with the Holy Spirit with authentic expression. We see people that are vibrant, fresh, and full of life. Like a hospital room after the birth of a new son or daughter, the church we see is bursting with joy because joy surrounds life. We see people that like to have fun- people that join heaven in celebrating people that are being born into the kingdom to a new family. We see a life-giving church where the presence of the Holy Spirit is tangible in our services, a force so strong that nothing can stop it. We see a church with an atmosphere that is electrifying and faith-filled, a place of strengthening and encouragement for the saints.


We believe God is in the smallest of details so if it matters to God, it matters to us. We go all out because our heart is for people and Jesus is our message.

We see people that have a spirit of excellence. We see a church that always puts forth its very best effort, constantly going above and beyond to fulfill what we are called to do. We believe that God is in the smallest of details and we see people that are willing to work when no one is watching. We see people that are ready to jump in to make coffee or hold a door, people that are willing to care for God’s people and His house. Although excellence is not performance-based perfectionism, we see a people striving in the area of personal excellence. We see people constantly learning, expanding, and becoming all that they were created to be. We see people with individual excellence and a passion to be their very best.


We believe our methods for sharing the unchanging message of The Gospel should adapt and accommodate all cultures so that all may come to know the love of Jesus.

What we are doing is not new or different. Who we are and what we do is ancient. We are an ongoing narrative of beauty, truth, and love that unites every tribe and nation under one name. We are an unstoppable force that has endured the ages- a global and local body that embodies the Hope of the world. We see a church that celebrates and builds upon our history, a church that is faithful in its endeavor to reach all generations. We see a church that is passionate about loving all people. We see people that effectively reach unreached people. We see a church that values creativity and progress- a church that is always moving forward. We see a church that influences our community and shapes the culture around us. We see people that are mission-minded and intentional about finding new ways to reach people of all races, backgrounds, and generations.


We believe that we are a colorful tapestry woven to reflect the heart of God. We are people who celebrate diversity in age, race, and socio-economic while cultivating a spirit of community.

We see different types of people. We see a church that is unified, a church that brings different people together because of Jesus. We see a church made of the young and old, the rich and poor, male and female, and every color under the sun. We see crowds of different races of people and different styles, a hodge-podge of Christians that live this crazy life together. We see people who actively engage in efforts to tear down walls of realism, sexism, and ageism. We see people whose perspective of community isn’t tainted by stereotypes. We see a church that shows the world what Heaven looks like- a church that shocks the world with our love for one another.


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